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#ThankYou Clinical Fellows

Today we would like to show our appreciation to those focused on making the world a better place for our kids. This #ThankYou is dedicated to those who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic through (the bane of our existence) screens!

Erin and Jenna (left and right) are speech-language pathologists completing their clinical fellowship year both in-person and virtually. It’s been quite challenging, but both feel that this experience has helped them become that much more creative as clinicians!

Erin shared that her favorite technique to incorporate into teletherapy sessions is movement breaks. She does so to help her little ones maintain attention and allow them to take some time away from their screens!

For in-person sessions, protocols have been adapted to limit toys used during sessions, sanitize toys and surfaces after each session, use of medical air purifiers and UV lights, opened windows for air ventilation when able, temperature checks before sessions, masks/gloves, and so on. Although this is exhausting, Erin and Jenna remain determined to provide their kiddos with fun therapy experiences, while also keeping them safe.

Thank you to everyone who has adapted to the changes in in-person therapy and teletherapy!


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