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#ThankYou School-Based Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists

In honor of #AmericanEducationWeek , we would like to show our appreciation to school-based occupational and physical therapists!

On the left, meet Maura (OT). She says she was once told by a college professor that the key to being a good professional was to ”be adaptable.” This mantra goes through her head daily when heading to work during this pandemic. Her school district is doing a mix of models (full in-person, hybrid, and virtual) and they never know what each day has in store. She and her colleague, Angela (PT), are so happy to be back at work and "seeing" their students — whether in person or virtually! They love their jobs and are so grateful for amazing colleagues, students, and administrators for their support and encouragement to make sure everyone stays safe.

Thank you to OTs, PTs, and everyone in schools for all that you do to keep students learning, growing, and safe!

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