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#ThankYou Delivery Drivers

On this Christmas Eve, we are dedicating today's #ThankYou to a very special delivery driver, Mario!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, delivery drivers like Mario have been essential in keeping things running. Mario described how their volume of orders increased quite significantly as people began purchasing more things online as a result of the pandemic. Thankfully, his company was able to create more jobs (e.g., delivery drivers, warehouse workers) to accommodate the workload.

Mario and his coworkers were always supplied with enough masks, hand sanitizer and gloves. They were taught proper mask wearing, hand hygiene, and how to better protect themselves and others from the spread of COVID-19.

Let’s give a huge THANK YOU to Mario and all the delivery drivers across the country who have helped to reduce the amount of traffic within stores by delivering a tremendous amount of packages from online orders, and who have made this Christmas Eve possible by delivering lots and lots of gifts to people everywhere. Mario, you are a hero!

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