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Drag-and-Drop Board Games & Reward Charts

Drag-and-Drop Board Games & Reward Charts


If you loved our printable board games and reward charts but are looking for something that can be done virtually, then you're in the right place! Purchase our Powerpoint download for drag-and-drop versions of all 7 of our board games and reward charts. Contents include the following motivational materials:

  • 2 digital game "boards" with 4 drag-and-drop gamepieces each ("Beep! Driving Game" and "Sneaky Snake")
  • 4 digital reward charts with 10 drag-and-drop "stickers" each (rabbit with carrots, silly snake with stars, tree with leaves, and ice cream cone with chocolate chips)
  • 1 digital stacking game with 10 drag-and-drop components ("Build-a Cone")
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