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Motivational Tool: Game Boards & Reward Charts

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

UPDATE: New bonus reward chart added - build-your-own ice cream cone!

Check out these super fun and versatile pages! Boards and charts like these can be used as a motivational tool at home (for chores, tasks, homework, etc.) or in therapy (from tracking speech sound trials with articulation goals to behavioral feeding trials with preferred and non-preferred food items). They can also be used as simple board games if you have dice or a coin (heads = 1 space, tails = 2 spaces).

Get creative and the possibilities are endless! Download the file at the bottom of this post and print desired boards (along with the tokens on the last page).

Tip: For repeated use, laminate the boards and tokens! For responsibility charts or reward systems in particular, you can even stick Velcro to the boards and the tokens after laminating.

Game boards:

Sticker/reward charts:

Game pieces/tokens:

Download them all here:

Board Games & Reward Charts
Download PDF • 2.32MB
BONUS Build-A-Cone Reward Chart
Download • 2.12MB


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