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#ThankYou Teachers

From left to right, meet Mrs. Viets, Ms. Stevens, and Mr. Reis! Today, we're thanking them for their hard work this year, and providing a glimpse into their "classrooms."

Sharon Viets is a Special Education teacher at Bristol Eastern High School in Bristol, CT. She works with students in the subject of chemistry. Her district will be implementing a hybrid model for the start of the 2020-2021 school year, meaning that 50% of the students will attend school at a time, while the other 50% learn at home through remote distance learning.

Lindsey Stevens is science teacher at Baldwin High School in Baldwin, NY. This year, she will teaching various classes ranging from biology to an elective course in her school's Engineering Academy. Students at Baldwin have the option to participate in a hybrid model or choose to learn remotely for the entirety of the school year.

Mr. Reis is a middle school science teacher at the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy in Grand Prairie, TX. He has begun the school year teaching virtually from his empty classroom. Starting in a couple weeks, students will return to in-person learning while adhering to safety precautions such as mask wearing by all students and staff, frequent hand washing, and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.

Thank you and good luck to all of our hardworking teachers as they embark on what will be a very uniquely challenging school year for everyone!

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