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Charitable Giving 2021

Thank you for everyone who continues to support our small business! From the beginning, our goal was to make free activities for kids that are fun and educational. With your continued support, we are able to do that and more!

A portion of proceeds from our Etsy shop this past year went to FeedingNYC . During Thanksgiving, we were able to help provide children and families in need with Thanksgiving meals, as well as printed copies of our Thanksgiving Activity Packet (with crayons!) to a refugee shelter in NYC. These children were unbelievably appreciative!

During Christmas, we partnered with WIN NYC and purchased toys from a wish list that went to children at a foster care center in The Bronx. We helped to make children's Christmas just a little bit better!

Again, thank you for your continued support of our small business. You can help us this year by following us on social media, downloading our free resources, making small purchases from our Etsy shop, and of course, continuing to share our resources and products with friends and colleagues!

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