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Pandemic Vocabulary & Concepts: Advanced Infographics

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We hope you enjoy this free set of infographics all about the coronavirus pandemic, with an emphasis on the new vocabulary children are likely encountering on a daily basis. We will be adding more as they become relevant. See our accompanying word searches and crossword puzzles for more practice with these terms, and visit our Instagram (at the very bottom of our website) for more tips on vocabulary building and language learning!

Note: We are happy to provide these free infographics for personal use! We just ask that you keep our logo and additional information at the bottom, and refrain from altering or redistributing these designs.

Download the infographics here:

Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses
Download PDF • 8.76MB
Mask-wearing & social distancing
Download PDF • 12.06MB
Hand-washing & hygiene
Download PDF • 12.95MB
Vaccines & getting shots
Download PDF • 9.63MB


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