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Virtual Reading Hosted by the Greenburgh Library Guild: Flyer and Activities

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

*12/12 UPDATE*

We had 15 little superheroes and their families join us for this event, and had so much fun reading our story, participating in thoughtful discussion, and doing a holiday craft to send to loved ones that we won’t be able to see this winter. It was amazing to see their creativity and resilience in action. Read more about the event below!

See our flyer below for a virtual reading we have been invited to conduct in collaboration with the Greenburgh Library Guild in Elmsford, New York. Visit their website to learn more and support the library community! We are looking forward to reading and discussing our book. Don't forget to bring materials for crafts afterwards - you'll need scissors, coloring materials, and glue or tape.

The event:

Saturday, 12/12 at 10:00am. The Greenburgh Library Guild is pleased to offer Virtual Children’s Book Reading and Holiday Activities (Ages 3-10). Enjoy a 30-minute interactive reading of When the World Stayed Home, a new children’s book by local author and illustrator, Julianne Reis and Kaylee Viets, created to help children to better understand and cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The book is available at, and a donation will be made to the library for each book purchased with GREENBURGH20 in the order comment box. Following the reading will be smaller group discussion and at-home holiday activities (materials to be distributed prior via email). RSVP here for the Zoom link!

Download the flyer to share:

Greenburgh Library Virtual Children's Bo
Download • 4.21MB

Download the relevant activities here:

Warm-up: Pandemic Activity Sampler

Pandemic Activity Sampler
Download PDF • 3.46MB

Choose One: Holiday Activities

[Generic Winter] Make Your Own Snowman
Download P • 2.55MB
[Christmas] Make Your Own Reindeer
Download PDF • 2.39MB
[Hannukah] Make Your Own Menorah
Download PDF • 1.44MB
[Kwanzaa] Make Your Own Unity Cup
Download PDF • 1.09MB


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