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#ThankYou U.S. Service Members

This week, we would like to recognize service members in the armed forces who sacrifice so much to keep us all safe not just during this pandemic, but all the time.

Meet First Lieutenant Matt, of the U.S. Army. When the coronavirus first hit the U.S., Matt was home in Georgia with four of his best friends, who then formed an isolated pod. He recalls how helpful it was to have a support system. Matt tested positive for COVID-19 in the summer and immediately isolated for 14 days. He is just now starting to get his senses of taste and smell back, but fortunately, he did not face any severe symptoms and no one else in his pod became sick.

Since the pandemic started, the U.S. Army has required masks as part of their uniform. They perform frequent COVID-19 testing and are strict with contact tracing. Matt works with civilians as an Army Engineer, and therefore implements the same general precautions we all do. He wears a mask, washes his hands frequently, keeps his distance from people in public spaces, and he maintains sanitizing standards whether onsite or in the office.

Thank you, Matt for your service to our country!

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