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#ThankYou Psychiatrists

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the sheer scope of healthcare work, especially during a pandemic! For this reason, we are hoping to draw some much-needed attention to mental health.

Dr. Manish, a psychiatrist from NYC, has dedicated his career to helping patients with mental illness. He works with everyone from young children to geriatric (older or elderly) patients primarily in an outpatient setting. Fortunately, Dr. Manish has been able to carry out some health consults and therapy sessions remotely (referred to as “telehealth” or “teletherapy”). However, the suspension of in-person visits during the height of the pandemic has presented many challenges. There are many individuals whose consults with him must be completed in-person, such as those receiving infusions of ketamine. Such treatments can be life-changing and life-saving, as they are typically used to treat extreme depressions and suicidal ideations. Patients were not able to receive such therapy remotely, and new patients were not able to be seen at all. In a time where mental health issues have been heightened, limited treatment resources have been devastating to some patients.

Dr. Manish also works with patients with developmental disabilities, many of whom live in group homes. Although he has still been able to treat his patients via virtual therapy, he notes many outside challenges faced by these individuals. Many of them depend on their day programs and local jobs for social interaction, but programs have closed and patients have had to isolate as their facilities experienced COVID outbreaks.

Thank you, Dr. Manish, for all of your contributions to the field of mental health. As we near the end of #SuicideAwarenessMonth during a global pandemic that has caused insurmountable loss, we hope that all of our readers take the time to rest, reach out to their loved ones, and process their emotions together.

For help dealing with stress, anxiety, and taking care of your mental health during COVID-19, we recommend visiting this page on the CDC's website.

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