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#ThankYou First Responders

We have several shoutouts we would like to give as part of a #ThankYou to first responders!

On the left, meet Rory, a firefighter and EMT. His work has been extremely busy since the early days of the pandemic. Serving a New York City commuter community that is home to a major area hospital, a large university, and numerous nursing homes, his department is no stranger to the perils of COVID-19. In the year since the coronavirus arrived, he and his coworkers have responded to the homes of COVID-19-positive patients to provide prehospital care, helped sanitize public facilities within the community, and organized birthday parades for those children stuck inside during lockdown. He has already received his first dose of the vaccine and looks forward to getting his second shot later this month.

In the middle photo is Officer Rob, who serves the New York City community as a police officer. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Rob’s work has changed significantly. As COVID-19 cases rose in the spring, and now again this winter, more people became more fearful of seeking medical attention. Police departments therefore received an increased number of in-home calls to help people who were sick, in distress, or had already passed away. Rob’s department has been instrumental in providing COVID-19 education to the community and giving out free masks. He has seen a community suffering throughout this pandemic and wants to continue to do his part to eradicate Covid. Two days ago, he received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Finally, on the right is Aaron, a flight nurse paramedic from San Antonio, TX. Throughout the pandemic, Aaron has been transporting patients from small hospitals to higher level of care facilities that can better care for critically ill patients. He often provides life-saving treatment to patients en route until they safely make it to the next facility. Flight nurse paramedics like Aaron are crucial in expediting hospital transfers for very sick patients when time is critical.

THANK YOU to Rory, Rob, Aaron and all the other first responders who have stepped up in a big way throughout the challenges of this past year!

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