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Showing Appreciation With Your Kids

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Writing "thank you" cards is a simple and effective activity for teaching little ones what it means to show appreciation. During the coronavirus pandemic, there are so many individuals dedicating their time and efforts toward slowing the spread of the virus and keeping their communities running.

Help your child choose someone in your community to thank (e.g., your local postal worker). Ask your child, "What does a (postal worker) do?" to help them verbalize the person's role as a member of the community. You'll be surprised by what they notice! This is also a great opportunity for children to practice writing, or for toddlers to practice holding a pencil and spelling their names. Invite them to decorate the back with pictures, stickers, and more.

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Print four thank you cards per page with this free download:

Thank You Cards (4)
Download PDF • 1.76MB


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