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Pine Cone Bird Treats

In the summer, birds typically have plenty to eat. However, in the fall and winter, food becomes more scarce for our feathered friends. Feeding the local birds can be a fun and easy task - both for toddlers with some assistance and for older, more independent children!

What you’ll need: Several pine cones, peanut butter* (as needed to smother the pine cones), mixed bird seed, a shallow bowl or plate, about 2 yards of string or twine, and scissors.

*Peanut butter can be substituted with other nut butters or honey.


1. Have your child search the yard or a park for a few pine cones.

2. Tie the ends of the pine cones to the string, leaving about six inches to a foot in between.

3. Find a good place to hang your pine cone treats (we settled on hanging ours between a tree and a fence post), and tie one end of the string in place. Hold the other side at a level that your child can reach the pine cones.

4. Have them spread peanut butter on each pine cone. This can be done with a spoon, cake decorating knife or other non-sharp spreader, or...their hands!

5. Cover each pine cone completely with bird seed. This can be done by dipping them into a bowl or rolling them over a plate.

6. Tie up the other side of the string to an adjacent tree or stationary object.

7. Watch the birds as they stop by and enjoy their yummy treat!

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