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More Holiday Crafts: Christmas, Kwanzaa & Hanukkah

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

If you and your little ones loved our make-your-own Thanksgiving turkey and Diwali crafts, we hope you'll also enjoy these cut-and-paste activities for a variety of other holidays!

Browse the worksheets below, and check out some of the digital drag-and-drop versions we've created here.

Printable downloads here:

[Kwanzaa] Make Your Own Unity Cup
Download PDF • 1.09MB
[Christmas] Make Your Own Reindeer
Download PDF • 2.39MB
[Hannukah] Make Your Own Menorah
Download PDF • 1.44MB
[Generic Winter] Make Your Own Snowman
Download P • 2.55MB
[Christmas 2] Make Your Own Christmas Tr
Download • 7.33MB


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