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Fall Holiday Crafts: Make-Your-Own Turkey or Diya to Send to Loved Ones!

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

As we approach the end of 2020, our little ones might have lots of questions as to why the holidays look different this year. For some kids, family gatherings will be smaller than usual or even completely virtual, and children will be missing some very important people in their lives.

While we know there is no substitute for giving hugs to loved ones, we’ve made these fall holiday cards for children to assemble, decorate, and send to someone they miss this Thanksgiving and Diwali! Who doesn’t love receiving heartfelt mail?

P.S. Have you read our book, When the World Stayed Home? It's a great tool for families to contextualize these major changes and explain the importance of staying apart to show we care. Check it out!

Printable downloads here:

[Thanksgiving] Make Your Own Turkey
Download • 2.17MB
[Diwali] Make Your Own Diya
Download PDF • 1.68MB


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