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Make-Your-Own Halloween Jack O'Lantern

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

*Minus the mess!

What you'll need: Scissors, glue or tape, coloring materials


  1. Print pages 1-4 of the download at the bottom.

  2. Cut out one pair of eyes (page 2).

  3. Cut out one nose (page 3).

  4. Cut out one mouth (page 4).

  5. Color your pumpkin (located on page 1), then paste on the eyes, nose, and mouth to make a face. Will your pumpkin be happy, sad, silly, or scary?

  6. Give your Jack O'Lantern a more personalized name!

  7. Email us a picture of your finished product ( and we might feature it!

Printable download here:

Make Your Own Jack O'Lantern
Download PDF • 2.85MB

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