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Make Your Own Hungry Whale!

Whale sighting in your own backyard! Check out this easy (but creative!) craft that can easily lead to hours of imaginative play.

What you'll need:

  • cardboard egg carton

  • blue paint

  • paint brush

  • googly eyes

  • scissors

  • paper

  • blue marker

  • popsicle stick

  • string

  • optional: things to decorate the whale (i.e. stickers, gems, pom poms, etc.)


  1. Separate the top and bottom of the egg carton and paint them blue.

  2. After the paint dries, decorate the whale (stickers, gems, pom poms), and glue the googly eyes to the "front".

  3. Cut a whale's tail out of paper and color it (we used a blue dot marker). Attach it to the "back."

  4. Cut a hole through the top of the egg carton for a blowhole.

  5. To make the blowhole - we used string and wrapped it around a popsicle stick. You could also use curling ribbon, pipe cleaners or any other crafting material!

Ideas for play:

  • Put on a play! Collect other sea creatures around the house/classroom and have kids act out ocean-friendly scenes. Use a large cardboard box to make a "theater" for the play, or lay out a sheet on the floor to serve as the ocean.

  • Pair this activity with your favorite ocean-themed book or lessons on the ocean ecosystem.

  • Feed the whale - whales are hungry! Count the 12 spaces in the "whales belly" (egg carton) and encourage your little one to find 12 things to feed the whale. We did an outdoor scavenger hunt and fed the whale flowers, mulch, rocks, leaves, etc. This is a great activity for sensory play!

  • Pair this activity with our "Under The Sea Coloring & Activity Book" - available for purchase on our Etsy shop.

  • As always, use this activity to stimulate language! Talk about colors, shapes (the whale is a rectangle, the eyes are circles, etc.), parts of the whale (tail, blowhole, eyes, back, belly, stomach, etc.), verbs (i.e. swim, spray, jump, breach, eat), categories ("What other creatures live in the sea?"), letter sounds ("What does whale start with?" or "What other words start with w?")

  • Don't forget to give your whale a name!

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