Earth Day Activities: Cut-and-Paste Craft, Reading Comprehension, & More

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Earth Day is such an important topic for kids to learn about! Enjoy these free activities to do at home, in school, or during therapy. We always like to encourage children and parents to pair them with functional activities, such as planting flowers or a tree, picking up garbage in a public place, properly recycling, or even starting a compost! Browse the activities below, or skip to the bottom for the links to download.

Earth Day reading comprehension pages

Target reading comprehension while teaching about topics such as greenhouses gases, new inventions to combat climate change, and the differences between compost, recyclables, and waste - written in kid-friendly, jargon-free language.

Earth day activity packet

Filled with fun activities (mazes, word searches, short stories, and more) to help kids learn about the environment and ways to protect it!

Cut-and-paste Earth Day craft

We love cut-and-paste crafts as multi-step activities for kids to practice following directions. This activity can help reinforce topics learned from our reading comprehension pages and activity packet, or it can serve as a stand-alone activity. Kids can sign their name at the bottom and send to a loved one - what a great way to show how much was learned!

Printable downloads:

Earth Day Reading Comprehension
Download PDF • 7.02MB
Earth Day Activity Packet
Download PDF • 2.48MB
Earth Day Cut-And-Paste
Download PDF • 581KB

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