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Gone Fishing: Alphabet and Numbers Practice

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Looking for a fun and exciting way to work more on letters of the alphabet and numbers?

What you'll need: string, a small magnet ( a fridge magnet will do), paper clips, scissors, and the downloadable pages below


  • Print and cut out all of the fish.

  • Clip a paperclip to each fish or attach by poking a hole through the paper. Place the "fish" in an empty (dry) water table or kiddie pool. Or, simply scatter them on the floor!

  • Create a "fishing rod" by tying a string to a stick. At the other end of the string, attach a magnet.

  • Your child can now use their fishing rod to "catch" the fish by touching the magnet to the paper clips!

For alphabet practice: Encourage your child to say the letters out loud. You might have them think of a word that begins with the letter they've caught. Your child can also practice matching lowercase to uppercase letters! Print out page 4 of the alphabet packet and cut out the squares. Fold each square in half and put them all in a cup or hat. Have your child pull out squares at random and "fish" for the corresponding uppercase letter.

For numbers practice: Encourage your child to say each number and count the dots out loud. Optional - set up 10 cups and label each one with a number 1 through 10. Have your child "catch" a fish, count the dots, say the number aloud, and then place it in the matching cup!

Bonus - find a page of blank fish in the numbers packet to make your own custom fishing game!

Printable downloads here:

Gone Fishing [Alphabet]
Download PDF • 528KB
Gone Fishing [Numbers] (1)
Download PDF • 607KB

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