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Fun With Fall Matching Game

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered why there are different colored leaves during the fall? Or whether corn is a vegetable or a grain? This post is for you! Read some fun facts about autumn with your child, then play a fun memory game together.

What you'll need: Scissors, [optional: glue, construction paper]


1. Print page 2.

2. Cut out the cards.

3. [Optional]: Cut out construction paper squares and glue each memory square to the construction paper. Let your child do the cutting (if age-appropriate) and the gluing! This will prevent the squares from being see-through.

4. Place squares face down and mix them up.

5. Take turns flipping over two squares to find the matches. The person who has the most matches at the end wins!

6. Make sure to talk about any special features you see. Refer to our "fun fall facts" sheet for ideas and conversation starters!

Looking for more matching games like this one? See our Super Solar System activity!

Printable download here:

Fall Memory Game (3)
Download PDF • 708KB


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