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Feed the Animals Game

"Feeding" these animals with their corresponding food tokens will help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination - plus, they're great fun! Print extra tokens for counting practice, make up stories about each of the animals to support language learning, or print out just the black and white versions to personalize and use as a coloring activity! For educators and clinicians, this serves as an excellent reward system for a variety of goals.

What you'll need: Scissors, a box cutter*, pencil/marker, glue or tape, and a small cardboard box or plastic container**

*A box cutter may be helpful if you opt for cardboard.

** Colorful paper or fabric may optionally be used to decorate your box.


1. If your child would like to color their own versions, print pages 1-5 for black and white images. Otherwise, print pages 5-10.

2. Cut out the tokens (dog biscuits, bananas, fish, and carrots).

3. Cut out each animal, then cut along the dotted lines around the mouth to remove the white areas.

4. Use a pencil or marker to trace a rough outline against the sides of your container where each animal's mouth will be. Then, cut out the holes using scissors or a box cutter. It's also helpful to cut a hole or flap in the bottom of the box so that food tokens can be easily removed.

5. Glue or tape each animal in place.

6. [Optional] Decorate the rest of your box or container using colorful construction paper or fabric.

Bonus: These cute animals can also double as puppets or masks!

Printable download here:

Feed the Animals
Download PDF • 42.12MB


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