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Egg Carton Caterpillar

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Recycle your old egg cartons and learn about the creepy crawlies that live all around us! Check out our fun fact sheet paired with a craft activity using just a few simple materials.

What you'll need: An egg carton; scissors; markers, crayons, or paint; pipe cleaners (optional); construction paper (optional)


  1. Cut the egg carton in half lengthwise to form the body of your creepy crawly.

  2. Decorate your caterpillar and give them a face. Do you know how many eyes a real caterpillar has? Check out our fun fact sheet to find out!

  3. [Optional]: Give your new friend two antennae using pipe cleaners (they should poke right through the carton).

Enjoy our fun facts sheet, adopted from National Geographic Kids. Check out their photo gallery of Bizarre Bugs for even more fun. Our favorite is the spike-headed katydid! What's yours?

Printable download here:

Creepy Crawlies Fun Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 694KB

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