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Easy Valentine's Day Crafts

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

With Valentine's Day coming up, we wanted to share a few simple crafts that are so fun for toddlers!

For all of them you will need: scissors, glue or tape, and any type of paper (e.g., construction paper, scrapbooking paper, colored computer paper, etc.). In addition, you'll want to gather some coloring materials (markers, crayons, paint, etc.) and decorations like googly eyes, stickers, ribbon, pipe cleaners, or glitter. Basically, give children whatever material options you have and let them be creative!

1. DIY Valentine's Day card. Using the paper of your choice, cut out a big heart for the body, and smaller hearts for hands/feet and antennae. Next, cut long/thin pieces of paper for legs and arms. Fold the "arms" and "legs" back and forth in opposite directions to create the "bendy" 3D look. Glue all the pieces together and decorate however you'd like. Don't forget to write a special note on the back to the person receiving this adorable card!

2. Valentine's Day card mailbox. For this craft, you'll need a piece of cardboard cut into a small rectangle for the base (about 8.5" x 4"). Use a piece of computer-sized paper (or other paper cut to size) to form the outside of the mailbox, bending and attaching the the short ends to the long sides of the base using glue or tape. Cut out and attach a half-circle piece for the back of the mailbox, then cut out a piece the same size for the front. Be sure to only attach the bottom of the front piece to the mailbox so that it can flap open and closed like a door. Use a hole punch or scissors to poke a small hole in the top of the front door flap, then another hole at the front edge of the top of the mailbox. Next, use ribbon or yarn to connect the flap to the mailbox. Now you can create the mailbox flag and use any materials on hand to decorate the mailbox. Your little one will be so excited to fill their mailbox with cards!

3. Love Bug. We chose to make a butterfly, but you can make a ladybug, caterpillar, or any other bug of your choice! To make the butterfly, use a toilet paper roll as the "body". Decorate the body however you'd like. We used only construction paper to make ours, but again, the possibilities are endless when kids are creative! For added fun, attach your love bug to a string and stick. Then, your little ones can make their love bugs flutter around!

4. Picture Frames. Simply cut a rectangular piece of cardboard to make the frame (we used a cereal box). Then, let the children decorate however they'd like. Once it's dry, you can glue or tape a picture to the inside of the frame and the child can give it to a friend or loved one!

Completed any of these crafts? We would love to see the finished product. Send your pictures to and we might feature your creations on our Instagram!

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