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DIY Mask Lanyards

It appears that masks will be a permanent fixture in our lives for the time being. We might as well make it as easy as possible for our kids to keep track of them! This is a great DIY activity that they can help with and personalize.

What you'll need: (2) lanyard hooks or clips, silky cord, beads of choice (i.e. pony beads, alphabet beads), scissors, ruler or tape measure, lighter or matches


1. Cut a piece of silky cord approximately 24" long. This can be altered depending on the wearer's size/preference.

2. Using a match or lighter, singe the edges to prevent fraying.

3. Thread the string through the lanyard hook and tie in place using a slip knot, keeping approximately 1/2'' tail.

4. Thread on beads as desired and tie a knot to secure in place.

5. Tie a second knot to thread beads onto the other side of the string.

6. Attach the second lanyard hook on the end as in step 3.

7. Attach lanyards to ear loops on mask.

Download and print the instructions here:

Homemade Mask Lanyards
Download PDF • 1.26MB


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