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All About Gravity with Isaac Newton

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Teach your little ones all about the force of gravity!

We've outlined an optional activity to help you introduce this topic to your kids in a fun way that will get them asking questions:

- Start by asking your child to jump as HIGH as they possibly can - try to touch the ceiling! Give them a couple tries. Once they're done, pose the question: "Why didn't you touch the ceiling?" For little ones, this might be a real head-scratcher!

- Next, have them hold a ball straight out in front of them and let go. Ask them: "Why didn't the ball stay where you had it?" Well, Earth has a force called gravity that pulls things towards it at all times! That's what pulls them back down when they push off the ground in a jump, and that's what pulls the ball down when they let go of it.

For more facts, a coloring page with an introduction to Sir Isaac Newton, and a fun gravity experiment, get the free download!

Printable download here:

All About Gravity_ Sir Isaac Newton (1)
Download • 3.46MB


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